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If you are like most pilots, you love to fly.  You may not even be able to imagine doing anything else for a living.  According to the FAA, the most common reasons for pilots to lose their medical certificates are cardiac conditions and diabetes requiring medication.  Fortunately, these are, at least to some extent, lifestyle-related.  That is where we come in.  We can help you to identify and make the changes needed to keep you flying straight and level...or not, if that is your preference!

Just as lift and thrust must overcome weight and drag in order for flight to be possible, there are lifestyle factors that can weigh you down and hold you back, and those that can lift you up and propel you forward.  Learn how the Four Forces approach to wellness could help your health to soar!

With Master of Science degrees in Nutrition and Integrative Health, we have the resources to assist you in identifying changes you can make to improve your health.  Once we have worked with you to form a plan of action, we can give you the support you need to implement it.  We also understand aviation lifestyles, and the challenges they present to optimizing wellness.  That understanding guides our recommendations and strategies.
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